9H Liquid Glass Nano Ceramic Car Coating Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating Car Wax Ultra Shine Protect Against Micro Scatches

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כדאי ללחוץ לפרטים נוספים על המוצר

Your Automotive Are Suffering:

Aging & Fading/Erosion

Scratches/Mud & Dust Pollution

Our Products Could Protect Your Cars from above Suffering.

High Brightness and Shine Effects

9H Hardness & Anti Scratch Effects

Hydrophobic & Oleo-phobic Effects

Third Party’s Test Report

Glossiness Test Result

Pencil Hardness Test Report

Scratches Resistance Test Report

UV Fading Resistance Test Report

How to Apply & Usage Effects

You could visit below link to check the usage result.


You could visit below link to learn how to apply the products.


Packing Details

100ml Nanotech Crystal Car Coating, 1 pc of microfiber towel, 4 pcs of sponge applicator and 8 pcs of dust free paper.

Product Quick Details

Main Raw Material: Inorganic Compound & Nano Oxide Particles.

Used for: Painted Surface, Rim, Lamp Cover, Plastic, Rubber, Metal surface etc.

Application Method: Wipe

Brand Name: Rising Star

Model Number: RS-A-CC01

State: Liquid

Coverage: 2 medium size cars by wipe method

Curing Color: 100% colorless transparent, 9H hardness, High Gloss.

Warranty: 2 years


Delivery Time to Russia: 5-20 days by Russia Post or Local Express.

Delivery Time to U.S.: 2-7 days by USPS Package service.

Delivery Time to U.K.: 2-5 days by Hermes Express.

Delivery Time to Spain.: 2-5 days by Correos.

Delivery Time to Australia.: 2-10 days by Australia Post or Fast Way courier.

Delivery Time to Other Countries: 15-60 days by Hong Kong Post or China Post epacket.

Specification & Properties:

1. 100% Colorless & Transparent nano coating.

2. Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance. High hardness and high brightness.

3. Anti-aging & Long service time, coating can last more than 2 years.

4. Anti-UV function. High firmness & anti-aging effect.

5. Wide application area: Glass, Painted Surface, Rim, Lamp Cover, Plastic, Rubber, Metal surface etc.

6. Large coverage area.

7. Good hydrophobic effect.

8. Anti-static, easy washing.

9. Anti icing & snow.

10. Non-toxic, harmless and environmental friendly product.

11. Use very easily. Apply at normal temperature and pressure. No need heating. Natural drying 48 hours.

Company and Other Products

Please search “Rising Star Nanotech” on YouTube or visit www.facebook.com/risingstarautocare to know more about our company and car care products.

Tax & Duty

1) Sales taxes, V.A.T., Import duties, custom taxes and any other sub-charges are not included in selling price.
2) Buyers shall be responsible for all taxes and duties applicable to destination country.
3) If it is necessary, buyers shall be responsible to communicate with domestic customs officers regarding the products being imported. We will assistant buyers to provide necessary documents.
4) If the products were returned due to customs problems in destination, the buyer should be responsible for return costs.
1) We will use Russia Post, Hermes Express, USPS,
Australia Post
or Local Express Couriers to ship products from our local warehouse
to RU, U.K, U.S, ES and AU customers
. We will use Hong Kong Post or China Post epacket to ship the products to other countries. The shipping time is 15-60 days if ship from our warehouse in China to
other countries. They will need more time when meet the national day holiday in RU, U.K. U.S., ES, AU
, HK and destination countries.
2) The shipping time maybe different depending on the location.
Return Policy
1) All products are inspected and qualified before shipping.
2) If the products were damaged in international transmit, please contact us. We will check the damage and give compensation or accept refund.
If you are satisfied with our products and service, please leave 5 stars feedback. Your support is the very important for us.
Contact Us
We are willing to respond to your inquiry. Please feel free to contact us.
If you have questions or problem in using our products, please contact us first before opening a case. It will be the fast way to settle your concern or issue. We promise to respond you in 24 hours.
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