Orzbow Portable Baby Highchair Foldable Feeding Chair Seat Booster Safety Belt Dinning Hook-on Chair Harness Baby Seat For Table

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Every Meal Becomes a Real Family Moment

Orzbow Table Chair is comfortable thanks to its high backrest and the extra padded seat.
For the first time your baby can sit at the table like a grown up.

Safety baby feeding chair

The 5-point safety harness prevents wiggling babies from falling out

Comfortable baby feeding seat

Lifted backrest and firm seat for the greater comfort of baby.

Sturdy Construction

Steel clamps with non-slip grip pads, aluminum back support comes with a PP seat cushion and oxford fabric.

Convenient storage pocket

Orzbow hook on high-chair offers a storage pocket at the back of the seat, which is a great feature if you take it to a restaurant or on vacation with you.

Adjustable Fit,Hooks Onto Most Tables

This collapsible seat is adaptable to most types of tables between 0.8 in-3.1in (20-80 mm) thick and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect choice for restaurants, apartments, traveling, or visiting friends and family.

Convenient travel

For use at home, while traveling or at the restaurant, the orzbow is the legendary, must-have table chair that is as comfortable as it is convenient.

Easy storage

1 step to finish folding the left and right arms inward, then put it into its storage carry bag, that's all

Easy to Carry

Orzbow chair is ultra-light, collapsible and easy to carry comfortably in the included carry bag.

Removable & Washable

Unlike other table clip on chairs, ours has a removable waterproof cover that wipes clean easily and is also machine washable and hand washable at 86 F.

Orzbow VS other

Orzbow :Aluminum alloy structure
Safe,No deformation and light weight

Orzbow:Car seat belt material
Very Safe and will not break

Orzbow:600D Premium Oxford cloth
Thick and durable, strong support

Orzbow:Gum Material
Strong grip,no smell

Orzbow:Tempo paint
Smooth surface,no smell

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